Artist statement

More than art schools, books and a lifetime of visiting museums, it was the use of computers which, for me, opened new avenues of creative exploration. Digital media also paved the way to create a bridge with my lifelong fascination with Nature, the ultimate artist. As our daily life is inundated with fast moving images, I often long to freeze this visual bombardment into a restful landscape or an image that let us pause and question. For the past 20 years I have fully embraced the computer as the main tool in my personal creativity, as its flexibility allows me to experiment as fast as my imagination can work with endless options. I feel privileged to benefit from the infinite mathematical capacities of software while following my (non mathematical) creative intuition. The resulting composite images are output on diverse substrates such as archival prints on fine art paper, fabric panels, transfers on wood or dye infused metal. Time-honored media are eventually used for finishing touches and in the end, virtual and real brushes mingle seamlessly.